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Suculentas \ Aizoaceae \ Pleiospilos

(N.E.Br. 1925)

Etymology: Greek pleios (many) and Spilos (spots).
Origin: South Africa.

With the appearance of huge pincers these plants will surprise us with its attractive flowering.

Plants formed by pairs of leaves, usually 2, 4, or in rare cases 6 and a stem that usually remains completely hidden. Resemble leaves a somewhat rounded pincers. Its large flowers are usually yellow or pinkish. Thanks very draining soil, intense sun and temperatures not too cold. Thanks abundant watering in summer and little or no cold weather.

Principales Taxones:
Pleiospilos nelii (Schwantes)

Pleiospilos nelii (Schwantes)

Etymology: Dedicated to Nel, Gert Cornelius (1885-1950), a great scholar and collector of plants in Africa.
Origin: Cape, South Africa.

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Otros Taxones:
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