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Suculentas \ Dracaenaceae


Etymology: Family drago.
Origin: Macaronesia, tropical Africa, Morocco, some small parts of southern Asia and a couple of species in South America.

It contains about 160 species, from plants of varying size, from the small size of the sansevieras to the enormous size that can reach some dragon trees. They have a huge ornamental interest.

Principales Taxones:
Dracaena (Van Ex L 1767)

Dracaena (Van Ex L 1767)

Origin: Macaronesia and tropical Africa. some in South Asia and one species in Central America.

The 40 species contained within this genre. They have an important ornamental value, also a resin (Sangre de Drago) used as a dye or medicinal uses is obtained. Leer Más

Otros Taxones: