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Suculentas \ Aizoaceae \ Faucaria \ felina

Faucaria felina
((L.) Schwantes)

Etymology: the Latin Felis (Cat)
Origin: Cape Province in South Africa.

Extremely variable appearance reminds remarkably small mouths cat.

Or triangular leaves with slightly rounded tip, has small soft teeth on the outer edge of the blade. The stems are hidden by the leaves. The flowers are yellow and reach 3 Cm. It withstands temperatures slightly below 0 ° C for short periods. It is advisable to avoid the risks in periods of rest and appreciate well-drained soils.

Principales Taxones:
Faucaria felina Spp tuberculosa

Faucaria felina Spp tuberculosa

Origin: Cape Province in South Africa.

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Otros Taxones:
Faucaria felina Spp britteniae